Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started Chapter 2: Hardware Install Chapter 3: Using the App for Installation Chapter 4: Installing Without the App Chapter 5: Router Touchscreen Chapter 6: System Chapter 7: Performance Chapter 8: Guest Chapter 9: Family Chapter 10: Diagnose Chapter 11: Side Menu Appendix A: FAQs Appendix B: Contact Information  
AmpliFi User Guide

Chapter 10: Diagnose

The Diagnose screen will check your WAN link, IP settings, internet connection, and MeshPoint status. A green check mark indicates success.

WAN Link The connection between the Router and modem is checked.

IP Address Displays the public IP address of the Router.

Gateway Address Displays the IP address of the service provider’s gateway router.

DNS Address Displays the IP address(es) of the service provider’s DNS server(s).

internet Connection The connection to the service provider is checked.

MeshPoints Online Displays the number of active MeshPoints. If there is an issue, please ensure that each MeshPoint is properly plugged into a power source.

Diagnose Tap to run the diagnostic checks again.