Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started Chapter 2: Hardware Install Chapter 3: Using the App for Installation Chapter 4: Installing Without the App Chapter 5: Router Touchscreen Chapter 6: System Chapter 7: Performance Chapter 8: Guest Chapter 9: Family Chapter 10: Diagnose Chapter 11: Side Menu Appendix A: FAQs Appendix B: Contact Information  
AmpliFi User Guide

Chapter 2: Hardware Install

Installing the Router

To connect the AmpliFi Router, follow these steps:

  1. Power off your broadband modem.

  2. Connect one end of the Ethernet Cable to your broadband modem and the other end to the internet port on the AmpliFi Router.

  3. Connect the small end of the Power Adapter to the power port on the AmpliFi Router.

  4. Plug the other end of the Power Adapter into a power outlet.

  5. Power on your broadband modem.

Installing the MeshPoints

Note: MeshPoint installation is optional and may not be necessary in smaller homes.

  1. Plug the MeshPoint into a power outlet.

  2. After approximately one minute, the LEDs will reflect signal strength, illuminating upward once the MeshPoint is connected to the Router.

  3. The MeshPoint antenna can be adjusted to provide optimal signal coverage for your location.

Note: If a MeshPoint is powered on and has been configured with the app but does not appear online, try relocating the MeshPoint closer to the Router.